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Thoughtful And Diligent Missouri Estate Planning Guidance

You’ve worked hard for a long time to build something for your family. Now it’s time to protect it. Creating a thorough Missouri estate plan can help bring you peace of mind and security, as long as you have the right help creating it. These documents are extremely important and need to be executed correctly the first time.

An experienced, diligent and thoughtful estate planning attorney can be your best ally during this process. Ed Butler is an experienced estate planning attorney with a deep understanding of the intricacies of Wills and Trusts. We will help you create a plan that fits your needs, secures your family, and keep them out of probate.

The Objectives Of Your Missouri Estate Plan

No one is too young or not wealthy enough to have an estate plan. These plans are invaluable to any person in any financial state or phase of life. An estate plan provides:

  • Security: Accounting for all assets and ensuring they go where they should at the end of your life
  • Privacy: Assets can be kept out of the public record and out of the government’s regulations
  • Control: You dictate the terms of all parts of your life, from where your assets go to who can make decisions for you
  • Minimization of tax liability: Putting assets in a careful estate plan can help you avoid and reduce the amount of taxes paid upon death

Ed Butler can give you a better idea of how an estate plan can benefit you based on your specific circumstances and situation and make sure your estate plan is in compliance with all Missouri and federal laws. He can also provide advice, help make decisions and create a strategy that suits your needs.

What Is The SECURE Act Of 2020 And How Does It Affect Me?

The SECURE Act changed several rules regarding retirement accounts. These changes included adjustments to who is eligible to contribute to retirement accounts and when you are required to withdraw from these accounts.

A few important components of the act included raising the required minimum distribution age to 72, removing the age limit for IRA contributions and requiring that inherited retirement account distributions be taken within 10 years. The act also now allows new parents to take penalty-free withdrawals and makes long-term part-time employees eligible for 401(k) plans.

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