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Diligent Missouri Divorce Representation

Ending a marriage is not only emotionally challenging but legally complex, as well. There are many factors involved, especially when there are children and a variety of assets involved. Having an empathetic but strategic Missouri divorce attorney on your side is essential for this process.

Divorce in Missouri involves several steps, starting with filing and serving the petition for dissolution of marriage, discovery, dividing assets, custody decisions and parenting plans, litigation when necessary and the judgment of dissolution. Family law attorney Ed Butler, at Butler Law Group LLC will navigate your progress through the process, and strongly advocate for your best agreement or litigated result.

We can also assist in securing a legal separation if your situation would be benefited by that result.

What Information Do I Need To Provide To File For A Divorce In Missouri?

There are many different documents you’ll need to gather before filing for divorce. It is a complex process and the more information you have beforehand, the better.

Some of the information you should gather includes:

  • Pre- or postnuptial agreements
  • Income-related documents (pay stubs, tax returns, account information)
  • A list of all your property (including jewelry, artwork, furniture, appliances, digital assets, etc.)
  • Bank information and credit card statements
  • Documents related to debt, mortgages or loans
  • Retirement or pension plan information
  • Custody documentation, if you have it

These are just a few documents/pieces of information that can be helpful to provide to your attorney before filing for divorce.

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