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When a legal matter arises, finding the right attorney is one of the most important steps you can take to resolve things. You want to work with someone who will commit themselves to your case. Someone who has experience, a strong set of skills and a strong sense of empathy. You also need to work with someone who is communicative, clear, respectful and patient.

When looking for a legal advocate with all of these qualities, look no further than Butler Law Group LLC. Ed Butler, has over 42 years of experience representing, defending and advocating for clients throughout Missouri. He is dedicated, highly motivated, thoughtful, and has a wealth of knowledge and sharp skills in and out of the courtroom. He can be there for you in any number of legal matters throughout St. Louis County.

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Edwin V. Butler

An Attorney Who Truly Cares

Ed Butler has spent the majority of his life representing the people of Missouri in their legal matters, from family law issues to criminal defense representation. He is passionate about finding creative solutions for his clients, and he’s ready to help you when you need it. He is both a skilled litigator and negotiator who thrives in collaboration and high-stakes situations. You can count on him to take initiative in your case and deliver positive results.

Both a family lawyer and a family man, as a father of five children, Ed Butler has lived in St. Louis County for years. He prides himself on his unyielding work ethic, passion and deep understanding of the law. In his spare time, you can find him playing the bagpipes among other hobbies.

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